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Introduction to the Situational Behavior Interview Method

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A job interview typically lasts only 30-60 minutes, yet the choices made during this brief encounter have far-reaching implications for both the candidates involved and the organization. Many interviewers approach this process intuitively, occasionally achieving success, but all too often, this informal approach results in biased decisions and costly hiring errors. :

Morit Rozen, a 26 years veteran in HR and Recruiting, created and facilitates the SBI model workshop

In the webinar we discussed

✅ What are the common mistakes interviewers make

✅ What's the difference between "Behavioral" and "Situational Behavior" Interviews

✅ Why "Tell me a bit about yourself" is the worst way to open an interview"

✅ How can you prepare for an interview easily and professionally

Morit Rozen presented the effective model used by thousands of hiring managers, HR & Talent Acquisition teams

Download the ppt

To download the ppt

Some of the feedback I received in the end of the presentation

My team did a full zoom session, we learned a lot and I highly recommend it. thanks for the refresher !
Thank you so much!
It helped a lot! thank you!
Thanks for the talk 🙂
It was great ❤️
Thank you so much 🙂
Excellent talk, thank you a lot!!
It always good to refresh our mind!
Thank you so much. It was great!

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