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The Situational-Behavior Interview Method

Job interviews, brief yet impactful, carry weighty decisions affecting both company trajectory and candidates' lives. Morit's Situational Behavior method transcends the brevity, ensuring each minute counts.

Trusted by thousands of managers, HR, and Talent Acquisition experts, this innovative approach delves into past situational-behavior, predicting future success in job-specific scenarios. 

The basic premise taught is this: 

A person's past behavior in specific situations will predict their future behavior in similar situations.

Introduction to the Situational Behavior Interview Method webinar recording

The video is a 1:22 hour session that will give you the basic understanding how to prepare before the interview; conduct the interview itself, and how to decide in the end of the interview.

Morit offers online workshops to managers that want to learn this method and adopt the tools for your team

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The Situational-Behavior Interview Method

Empower your managerial team with our 4-6 hour training – a proven asset for precise decision-making.

The Talent Acquisition 12-hour session expands capabilities, enabling you not just to interview yourself, but also support but lead managers in their interviews confidently. 

Morit – reshaping the future of hiring in minutes that matter. Elevate decisions, redefine impact. Join us in shaping the narrative of career-altering moments!

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Morit Rozen

Morit Rozen is a 26 year thought leader, teaching Recruiting and the Situational Behavior Interview method  to thousands every year. Morit is a known speaker in HR and Recruiting conferences in Israel, and she developed this groundbreaking method that has helped thousands lead professional and HR interviews in Israel during the past 3 decades.

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